28 May

Speak up for New York Health!!!
A.5389 (Gottfried)/S.2078 (Perkins).
Get the best Healthcare at the lowest cost.

New York needs New York Health because:

New York Health is the only option offering high quality, comprehensive health care for all New Yorkers, allowing access to medical services and providers of their choice, without regard to age, income, existing health conditions or employment status.

New York Health is the only option offering a universal health care alternative that has better, expanded health coverage at significantly less cost than the one proposed in recent federal legislation.

A cost benefit analysis of possible New York state sponsored health insurance programs found that only New York Health’s publicly funded, single payer system would provide both quality, universal comprehensive healthcare and reduce NYS healthcare spending by $20 billion annually by 2019.

New York Health would ensure additional savings by eliminating the estimated 30% of unnecessary expense currently generated by the private health insurance industry, with their excessive executive compensation, high administrative overhead, and profit-driven policies and operation. There is no place for profiteering in healthcare. Neither government nor the people should have to pay for it.

Please urge our Legislators in Albany to support the New York Health Bill, A.5389 (Gottfried)/S.2078 (Perkins).healthcareNY

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