“Corporations are not people” campaign!

Dear MoveOnSullivan members,
Remember “Corporations are not people!”  “Money is not speech!” Remember last January, collecting signatures all over Sullivan County for a petition to amend the Constitution to reverse the effects of the Supreme Court decision, “Citizens United vs. FEC”?  Well, we submitted those petitions to Public Citizen to be presented to the U.S. Congress.
Now we will finalize this action by presenting these petitions to the Sullivan County Legislature and asking them to pass a resolution too.  We will introduce this Draft Resolution on Thursday, June 21, at 2:00 p.m. in the Legislative Hearing Room (2nd floor) of the Sullivan County Government Center in Monticello.
MoveOnSullivan will join citizen groups nation-wide that are mobilizing to reverse the effects of “Citizens United.”   This decision has resulted in unlimited, anonymous funding to political campaigns and MoveOn believes this is a dire threat to our democracy.  In a number of states, counties, and municipalities, resolutions have been introduced to garner support for a constitutional remedy to “Citizens United.”
We need as many people as possible to join us at this hearing to persuade our legislators that we view this situation seriously, and we want them to be part of the solution.  We hope you will be able to come and make a short statement in support of this resolution.  If you don’t want to speak, that’s okay — just being there is support.  And if you can’t be there, please feel free to write a statement and email it to me; I will make sure that someone will read it in your name.
I’m attaching the final Draft Resolution for you to read.
For more information, please call me at 845 292 4895.
(Follow link below for Draft resolution)

Full Sullivan County Resolution





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