05 Mar

On Winner-Take-All Politics

I just watched this informative and fascinating ‘must see’ Bill Moyers segment. Must have missed it’s first air in January. I am going to try to make a DVD copy of this and suggest we do a ‘showing’ of this , private or public.

Description: In this encore presentation, Bill Moyers investigates America’s economic disparity — how it happened and who’s to blame.

Some of the commentary: “Are you tired of the “Best government money can buy”?
If you are done being treated like a “sheeple” and want your
representative to be for “We the People” not their party or the biggest donors or organizations. Take Action. Support the Renew Democracy Amendment. It would greatly reduce the economic power of both parties evenly,
end the Electoral College, and limit donations to only individual citizens. The outline for an amendment that we propose is far more encompassing and will have a much greater effect than what is currently proposed by Common Cause, Move to Amend and…”,

and “While Congress was not is session, Bush was able to remove safeguards through executive action. Bush/Cheney started a war by lying.  Thousands died. Spending went through the roof.  Our surplus became the deficit. Wall street lobbied and took advantage of new freedoms to rob America. Big oil, big insurance, big pharma laughing all the way to the bank. All these people knew what they were doing.  Why are they not held accountable?  Why are we not outraged?  Why are we letting this happen to us right in front of our eyes?”

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