04 Feb


First organizational meeting, Feb. 3, 20121, at the Mulberry Sr. Center, Middletown NY

I attended this meeting myself last night, in private support of the movement in general. Secondly, I was to meet with several people who are facilitating the Foreclosure stoppages (see…. I was surprised (but it WAS a Senior center) by the number of Seniors in attendance, many of whom spoke.. while it was festive and there was a lot of food offerred for free, (sorry, I forgot the name of the group supplying), it took awhile to get under way. Many Occupy Poughkeepsie and Kingston members were there, helping facilitate the events. Basic formation issues were present, perhaps hampered by a lot of talking around the eating area, but still an effective demonstration of what a messy Demoracy movement looks like. I look forward to learning more and attending some of their future meetings. This is the closest (Middletown NY) ‘Occupation’ to my area, so , obviously having been involved with OWS somewhat so far, I was very interested in what was going on.

The Record one paragraph description, in my view, missed a lot of what was going on (“”)

One thing was obvious is that the name ‘Occupy Orange’ would serve as an ‘umbrella’ for local occupations in Orange county (NY)… e.g. Middletown, Newburgh, and Port Jervis.


2 responses to “OCCUPY ORANGE FIRST ORGANIZATION MEETING, Feb. 3, 2012…Middletown NY

  1. Bennett Weiss

    February 5, 2012 at 2:56 am

    Thanks for coming!

    I think that in general the meeting went well, The food, to answer your question, was homemade by the organizers for the most part. Damn good stuff, wasn’t it? (I made the rice and beans, so you can blame any embarrassing digestive issues that night on me).

    And while you’re at it, there is one other embarrassment you can blame on me; the chaotic GA. It was supposed to be a short, lively demontration of what a GA looks like, but unfortunately, the faciilitator was way too ambitious and tried to make an actual working GA. That’s not a good idea with a room of nearly two hundred people the vast majority of whom never have even seen, much less pariticipated in, a GA before. Add to that the fact that many were exhausted seniors up past their bedtime and you have a perfect recipe for chaos, And chaos is what we got… big time. I take full blame for that, since, as moderator, I should have intervened,

    But the great news is that we now have a core of people committed to making Occupy Orange better and stronger.
    Thank again for coming. I’m certain that our paths will cross as we work together in the very near future,

    Ever onward,
    Bennett Weiss

    • MoveOnSullivanNY

      February 5, 2012 at 5:24 am

      Thanks Bennett
      it was worth it

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