We’re doing something different this Sunday.

27 Jan

Hey, all MoveOnSullivanNY friends,

This Sunday, we’re doing something different:  We will meet in Jeffersonville at 12 noon, on the sidewalk in front of Peck’s, where we will bring attention to the need for an investigation of the big banks for all their fraudulent practices.  Obama has promised to appoint a special committee, headed up by NY State’s Eric Schneiderman, a man who is committed to rooting out the criminal malpractice of the banks and making them accountable.  We want to let Obama know we support this, and we’d like to see some significant relief for homeowners who have suffered as a result of the banks’ actions.
Afterwards, at 1:00, we will have our regular monthly meeting at Samba Cafe, on Main St in Jeffersonville, when we will have a chance to discuss our plans going forward.  We’ll also take some time to relax and enjoy some good Samba snacks.  So bundle up, bring a sign (or use one of ours) and join us this week.  We’d love to see you again!
For more information, go to or call me at 292-4895
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