“MoveOn Sullivan calls for action”, and “They’re involved”.

27 Jan

“MoveOn Sullivan calls for action”, and “They’re involved”.
The Democrat gave us great coverage today (Jan. 27) and in a very tempered Op-Ed, says of both, MoveOn Sullivan and the ‘Liberty Tea Party Patriots’ (first I have heard of them), “They’re involved”!.

The Democrat Op-Ed said, “(about both the MoveOn and Liberty Tea party patriots) What matters is the movements have legitimate concerns. In their respective ways they recognize that our political and economic system is broken…”

In Anya Tikka’s article, covering the rally and speech with Michael Sussman, she says, “The driving force behind the movement is the idea that corporations can unduly influence the outcome of elections because they have so much money at their disposal…”

What I take from this, is that, our MoveOn council is one of the only Progressive voices in the county, and now it is recognized as such. We have come to represent that voice, thus we have  the burden of keeping it alive. I have no doubt that we will and that we will grow.

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