Itinerary for January 21st ‘People First’ caravan

18 Jan

The following is a detailed itinerary of our Saturday event.  Please read it carefully. Bear in mind that at every stop, some of us will go into the stores and ask if they will display literature and copies of the petition to be signed.  Tell them we will come back to pick them up in a week.  (Those people should make a list of the stores where stuff is dropped off.)  Others will hold petitions and be paired with a person who will hand out informational packets.**  Call Kathie if you have questions 292 4895

1)  9:45 a.m. Meet at Liberty ShopRite parking lot, at the outermost edge.              (I will be there a little earlier, just in case)

2) 10 – 10:30 Hand out literature and ask for signatures in front of the store

3) 10:30 – 11 Drive to Livingston Manor: Take Rt. 52 from Shoprite parking

lot into Liberty—proceed on Main Street through the entire town*,

take right onto entrance of 17N.  Get off at Exit 96 Livingston

Manor; turn right, turn left at the  “T” and follow signs into town.

Park in Peck’s parking lot.

4)  11 – 11:30 Hand out literature and ask for signatures in front of the

Peck’s (and other stores)

5)  11:30 – 12  Take the Shandalee Road to Youngsville; turn right on

Route 52 into Jeffersonville. Park in Peck’s parking lot or on the

street outside the lot.

6)  12 – 12:30 Hand out literature and ask for signatures in front of Peck’s

(and other stores)

7)  12:30 – 1:00 Drive out of Jeff to Callicoon, following Rt. 52 (Which

becomes something else, although you keep going straight) into


Do NOT take the road when it bears right up to Rt. 97; just stay

straight and go under the overpass.  At the “T” turn right, and about

a block in, on the right, turn up into the RR parking lot.

8)  1 – 1:30  Hand out literature and ask for signatures on sidewalks and

down the street at Peck’s

9)  1:30 Leave Callicoon and drive to Ted Stroeble Center, 2 Jefferson St.,

Thomas says we can stay on 52 (or is it 17B) all the way from

Callicoon to Monticello.  The parking lot is behind the Ted Stroeble

Center, across from the Government Center.  You will see a wide

set of stairs leading into the building.  Once inside, go upstairs.

The rooms we are using are on the left at top of stairs.

10)  2:30 – 3:00  Set up for gathering

11)  3 – 4:30 Talk by Michael Sussman, refreshments, Q & A session,


12) 4:30 – 5  Clean up

* I thought the visibility of driving up Main St. would be good, even if we don’t stop.  I will leave petitions at different stores.

**Padma thought (since we probably won’t be able to use a table) that we should bundle the information into a packet;  I thought that instead of trying to balance a clipboard and hand out info, that it would be good for people to go in pairs.

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