People First! Join the conversation…January 21, 2012…Carpool and Caravan!

11 Jan

MoveOn Sullivan NY  is organizing a Day of Action on January 21st to seek our communities’  support for an amendment to the United States Constitution.  This amendment is needed because two years ago on this same date, the Supreme Court ruled that since corporations are people they are entitled to make unlimited donations to political campaigns.  With this decision, corporations have poured millions of dollars into the campaigns of those politicians who will support them.  More than any other single ruling, this decision has robbed citizens of their right to fair elections and their right to be heard.  We believe, along with millions of other Americans, that if we stand up, stand strong and persist, we can overturn the effects of the ruling by supporting an amendment to our Constitution that will ban corporate money in the electoral process.    

To bring this issue to our Sullivan County neighbors, MoveOn Sullivan NY Council’s twenty- car carpool caravan will travel to five communities around the County, to hold conversations and to gain support for this issue.  In each of the five communities —  Liberty, Livingston Manor, Jeffersonville, Callicoon, and Monticello,  MoveOn Sullivan NY Council members and supporters will distribute informational packets, invite discussion and seek signatures on an amendment petition that will be delivered to the New York Congressional delegation.  The Day of Action will conclude at the Ted Stroebel center, 2 Jefferson St. Monticello NY 12701,where we will celebrate the beginning of our campaign and welcome new supporters. There will be a discussion about the history of corporate personhood and its consequences.

The MoveOn Sullivan NY Council has invited local community, faith based, organized labor and other interested groups to join us for this event.  Our goal is to have 500 signatures on our petition by the end of the Day of Action.

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