Bob’s experience of the Occupy Poughkeepsie Rally.

14 Nov

Saturday, November 12, 2011
Bob’s report on ‘Occupy Poughkeepsie’ rally and march, Saturday, November 12, 2011.
I have been visiting and supporting (with supplies, books etc.) the Occupy Poughkeepsie group for about a month. I got involved with them, Ulster Moveon and then Sullivan (when I found out there was a Sullivan Moveon group), all in almost one week. My feeling about Poughkeepsie is deep, I was born there and have siblings in Poughkeepsie and surroundings, and felt I needed to DO something for them and for the movement. My involvement with Ulster Moveon and Sullivan then, grew and I want to help make them all a productive and successful as possible. Most of them are young, (most of my nephew/nieces could be their parents) its amazing, to be so dedicated.
At ten a.m. yesterday I met at Padma’s house, and she and Kathie Aberman and I rode to Poughkeepsie. We parked on Noxon st, around the corner from Market and the encampment and with our signs, supplies etc.. arrived at the site, which had even grown by several tents since my last visit only Tuesday of this week. I heard that several local businesses had given them tarps, tents and other materials.They did have a temporary generator for the sound system for performers which included very large puppets, speakers, performers, and Jason West, Mayor of New Paltz. Several of my good allies and friends from Ulster Moveon were there and I met several Facebook ‘radicals’ and friends, whom I hadn’t met face to face yet. The atmosphere was lively, almost like a large gathering of friends, which it was in one sense. The speakers, performers and large puppets with Anti Wall street messages, all started the marching after about about 2 hours. Before we got moving, we joined the protestors on the outskirts next to 44/55 the Arterial, waving signs and responding to the enthusiastic ‘honking’ cars and trucks supporting our cause, the Occupy Cause.
WE started at ‘Hulme’ park, (Church and Market sts.) after about 2 hours marched to the Famous Poughkeepsie Post Office, some more speeches and then down Main street, Poughkeepsie….. we decided to leave after marching for about an hour, being pretty tired at that point. This Sunday morning, I am hearing for more arrests at several national ‘Occupy’ sites and attempts to clear parks and encampments. They always go back, and seemingly always will. The Poughkeepsie and other occupiers are dedicated to stay in the winter, and may ‘occupy’ an abandoned building in the area (Poughkeepsie has too many of these), if things get too tough for them, but we will be there supporting them. I call upon all of you reading this to assist us in this. Whether you support Kingston, Poughkeepsie, or other areas, continue to support them in any way you can. I will be glad to be a liaison should you wish more information.

Occupy Poughkeepsie Rally


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4 responses to “Bob’s experience of the Occupy Poughkeepsie Rally.

  1. Padma

    November 16, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    I am used to rallies in NYC and DC. This was equally powerful, though not as large. The speakers were eloquent and the power of the people’s mike is strong. Having to repeat the message got into my body, and I did have the experience of oneness with all there and the Occupy movement, its aspirations, goals and process.
    The puppet theatre was poignant as was the music.
    Here are some of the signs that touched me:
    Heal America- Tax Wall Street

    Pre-occupied for too long.
    Not any more. We are the 99%.
    (This was held by 3 well dressed elderly women sitting on a wall)

    Enough is Enough
    Occupy- Resist!

    We the people, the 99% are too big to fail.

    This is what democracy looks like.

    End corporate hypocrisy.
    We want true democracy

    Wake up
    Don’t be afraid.

    (Peace symbol)
    Back by Popular demand

    Subvert the dominant paradigm
    Tax the Fat Cats.

    There were many others, and were caught on photos, At some point I will upload them from Kathie’s camera.

  2. occupysullivanny

    November 14, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    thanks Jim…I will be there too….we are the core council as well as whatever else we are

    • occupysullivanny

      November 16, 2011 at 5:24 pm

      Let me know when you upload the pics

  3. Jim Clark

    November 14, 2011 at 11:53 am

    Bob, Kathie & Padma, I also will be protesting through the winter.

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