Wake up Wake up!!!

09 Nov

I am only more enthused by the march for peace and Occupy Poughkeepsie that will be this SAturday, but also, I realize, I ‘woke up’ like many others like me, and its time to march and rally, and yell again!! i don’t care who doesnt ‘ understand. If they don’t or can’t ,then their ears are full of mud and their eyes are blind.. wake up people… its our time. Those that run this country and have ‘run it into the ground’ and have spit on the 99 % and defy us will soon be hearing the shouts of the slaves! yes, we are slaves to their commercials, to their corporations, to their ‘bought’ polticians.. we really need to wipe the slate clean and start over.. maybe I am an ‘anarchist’….if that means bringing down this Plutocratic, ‘Corporatocracy’…

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